Capensis Wines Capensis Chardonnay 2019


Capensis Wines Capensis Chardonnay 2019




Diam Cork




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Capensis is a family of three wines dedicated exclusively to  Chardonnay. The name Capensis is taken from the Latin word  meaning, “from the Cape,” and pays homage to its home in the  Western Cape of South Africa, one of the oldest winemaking  regions in the world. Ancient geology and dramatic landscape  form the foundation for Capensis, which celebrates the diverse  and remarkable winegrowing potential of the Western Cape.

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Aged for 11 months

Ageing Length

Oak - French

Ageing Type

Diam Cork



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98 | Oh this is gorgeous. Lots of secondary characters upon an excellent fruit base. Crushes Anzac biscuits. A hint of florentine. The palate is rich and expansive. I love the ripeness, but it has been well handled and the palate is nicely coiled. Although it is rich it still has great freshness.

88 | MY; some brown apple, oniony sulfide; a but lean and hollow, fades towards the finish. Disjointed.

93 | Super tight; not showing its age at all. A curious wine, quite lean and austere, saved by density of fruit.

93 | yogurty, leesy kiss of PB, complex layered fresh nc clean, slightly hot finish but it rocks, popcorn kernels and lemon pith, yum!

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