How to enter the Global Fine Wine Challenge


For help creating an account, watch this video

Stage 1: Adding your wine to the cellar

Add / Create all of the wines you wish to submit into your cellar if they do not already appear on the screen.

If you do see the exact same wine on the screen, move to Stage Two.

For help, watch this video

Stage 2: Completing your entry & payment

Enter the 2024 Global Fine Wine Challenge, making sure all your entries appear at checkout. Accept terms & conditions of entry and submit payment.

For help, watch this video

Stage 3: Check your email for confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation digital invoice detailing all wines submitted together with shipping information labels attached. If you do not receive this email, please check your junk or spam filters. Emails are sent from Drinkme and not from the Awards.

Stage 4: Dispatch entries without delay

Once confirmation is received, please print the freight label, complete missing data fields, attach and send 3 bottles per entry properly packed to the address on the shipping labels without delay. Please scan the QR code upon dispatch and complete tracking data to activate your entries in our system. This enables us to monitor the stock movement on your behalf. No refunds will be issued in cases where stock is not dispatched in time.

For support or guidance on how to edit your existing details, watch this video

If you are managing an exhibitor on their behalf, or have multiple exhibitors, watch this video