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At the heart of the Global Fine Wine Challenge lies our mission to recognise and celebrate the finest wines from across the globe. Hosted annually, this prestigious event provides a platform for winemakers to showcase their exceptional creations, competing for recognition among peers and connoisseurs alike. Our carefully curated competition highlights the artistry and innovation within the wine industry, promoting excellence and fostering a community of passionate wine lovers and makers.




South Africa

New Zealand

The perfect Grand Prix event to celebrate, promote and endorse the finest wines of the New World.

Andrew Caillard MW
Master of Wine

The producers who find themselves going home empty handed can console themselves with the knowledge that it is almost sufficient simply to have been selected to competed in The Olympics.

Michael Fridjhon
South African Judge

Our challenge is more than just a competition; it is a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity in the wine industry. Each entry is meticulously evaluated by a panel of expert judges, ensuring that only the best wines receive the accolade they deserve. This rigorous assessment process not only upholds the prestige of the awards but also guides consumers in discovering outstanding wines that stand a cut above the rest.

The Global Fine Wine Challenge serves as a beacon for international talent, attracting entries from renowned vineyards and emerging wineries alike. By participating in our challenge, winemakers gain invaluable exposure on a global stage, enhancing their reputation and expanding their market reach. The awards and recognitions bestowed upon our winners echo throughout the industry, heralding them as leaders in quality and taste.

Our Evolution





“The move toward Global Fine Wine as a brand evolution was not only essential; it enables us to prepare for the future.”
Ross Anderson, Director of the Global Fine Wine Challenge

A selection which has already won mountains of accolades in its own country cannot be assumed a certain award-winner here. While there is a remarkable degree of agreement among the judges, their disparate backgrounds conspire against unanimity of opinion.

Huon Hooke
Australian Judge

The caliber of participants and the standard of wine quality is higher than any competition of this size anywhere in the world.

Bob Campbell
New Zealand Judge

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