Entry into the Global Fine Wine Challenge is by invitation only. Selected wineries will be contacted privately to represent their countries with specific wine/s as chosen by the representative judge of that country.

Terms & Conditions

Entry into the Global Fine Wine Challenge is subject to the following terms & conditions. By proceeding to enter, you are agreeing to adhere and be bound by these terms & conditions:

Entry requirements:

  • You are submitting your entries to the Global Fine Wine Challenge before or at the time of the dispatch of your bottles.
  • Entries are submitted on-line through the DrinkMe Digital platform. Entry Fee must be paid on-line by credit card. By special arrangement we can accept bank transfer. Entry Fee payments must clear into GFWC’s Bank Account before the Entry in respect of which the Entry Fee has been paid, will be judged.
  • You must send in a minimum of 6 bottles per entry for judging before the closing date.
  • Cost per entry is $250 AUD including all applicable taxes. This includes all costs associated with handling, warehousing, international freight, customs clearance, duties payable, administration, photography and insurance once received into our warehouses in each respective country.
  • Entries must be final finished labelled wines and of the vintage entered, completely bottled when submitted. Tank samples will not be accepted as entries into the Competition.


  • Wineries must cover their own insurance during all freighting periods between the cellar door / warehouse and the nominated collection point within your specific country.
  • Absolute closing deadlines for stock receipt are detailed in your original electronic invitation to participate and on the freight forms subsequently emailed to you. Note – the deadlines published are for stock receipt into the respective warehouses – this means that stock must be sent well in advance of this deadline. It is the Entrant’s responsibility to ensure that they deliver the entries to the respective depots before these deadlines.
  • Freight labels will be emailed to each participant with specific information pertaining to each entry contained therein. Please ensure that these labels are completed in full and scanned, following the instruction page automatically sent to entrants upon successful submission of entries. DOWNLOAD A COPY OF INSTRUCTIONS HERE. Please ensure the freight labels are securely attached to your boxes before dispatch.

The Challenge:

  • Where possible all entries will be tasted in the specific class nominated by the respective judge and entered by the Entrant unless there are insufficient entries in the category, in which case Entries will be tasted in the most appropriate class as decided by the GFWC.
  • The judging results for all individual entries will be made available in the weeks following release of the results. Entrants can request in writing a summary of the judges’ opinions of their entries in the absence of a published tasting note.
  • The judges’ decisions will be final and will not be open to challenge.
  • Entrants will not have any involvement in the appointment of the judges.


  • By submitting an entry all Entrants agree that in the event of gaining a winning entry, they agree to take part in any publicity reasonably requested by the GFWC & within current COVID restrictions.
  • Two dozen bottles of the class trophy winning wines are required to be supplied at no cost to the GFWC for related marketing, promotional work and events to be held after the results have been released.
  • The names of all winners in all Classes will be published on the GFWC Website once results have been released.
  • Entrants agree that they will only use GFWC’s name, logo and associated marketing material to promote specific winning Entries. Only the Trophy, Red Wine of Show, White Wine of Show & Wine of Show winning Entries may be promoted as winners of the Global Fine Wine Challenge.
  • Winning Entrants may publicise their award provided the year in which it was won is stated.
  • The GFWC Logo is the property of GFWC and any unauthorised use, reproduction or alteration is strictly prohibited. Any breach may result in a ban from entering the GFWC in the future.
  • Winners may download low resolution and/or high resolution purchased logos from the website. In doing so they agree that these will only be used for the promotion of winning entries in a specific year.
  • Medal logos may not be reproduced as stickers unless written permission is given by the GFWC.
  • Bottle stickers must be purchased directly from the GFWC unless written permission is granted by the GFWC.
  • The GFWC medal artwork is the property of GFWC and any unauthorised use, reproduction or alteration is strictly prohibited. Any breach may result in a ban from entering the GFWC in the future.


  • GFWC may vary these T&Cs at any time without notice to the Entrants. Any revision of these T&Cs will be placed upon the Website without notice to Entrants. In the event that the Entrant does not agree to be bound by any amended T&Cs, they must withdraw from the Competition.
  • All Data will be held on databases operated and maintained by GFWC. Such data will be used for the purposes of maintaining business contact records, updating Entrants on GFWC’s activities and for use upon the Website.
  • By entering, I give permission for the Global Fine Wine Challenge to reproduce content (text, images & video) from my company website & social media accounts for the purposes of marketing and promotion.
  • All samples entered become the property of the GFWC & will be used at our discretion for all challenge related tastings, photography, archiving as well as related marketing, promotional and educational purposes. Title in the stock entered will pass to GFWC upon receipt of the entries to GFWC fulfilment depots. We also work closely with and donate a small cross section of stock submitted to various Sommelier training organisations annually.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable. No refund or credit of an Entry Fee will be given including but not limited to circumstances in which an Entry is disqualified, withdrawn, damaged or fails to arrive on time.
  • Any breach of the T&C’s will result in the disqualification of the Entrant and their entries and the forfeit of all fees paid.
  • Due to Covid-19, all relevant dates (including Judging) are subject to change without notice. We will however endeavour to keep all participants up to date should changes arise. GFWC reserves the right to cancel the Competition at any stage, and for any reason including circumstances which are outside of GFWC control.
  • In the event of a dispute, GFWC’s decision will be final.