Víctor Pino Torche, the first gentleman in our history, was not born into a traditional Chilean wine family. The family worked in the mining administration and the farm was a retreat during summers in San Juan de Pirque. San Juan was not a “wine country”, but simply a small village on the banks of the Maipo River, high up, where the Maipo Valley narrows and rises to the Cajón del Maipo, flanked on both sides by large rocky walls of the Andes . The second gentleman in our history: William Fevre, is best known for his Premier Cru Chablis produced in Burgundy. Mr. Fevre was looking for terroir to produce Chardonnay. He found it strange that Chilean winemakers were producing fruit on the plains, and he searched for land high in the mountains. And that’s how she came to knock on Victor’s door in San Juan after exploring the property from the hills on horseback.

William Fevre's Cellar