We are a small family owned winery called Iona in the Elgin region on the Cape South Coast, about an hour’s drive from Cape Town.
Iona is a very unique site in South Africa. We are situated 420m above sea level and 5km from the cold Atlantic ocean. Cool growing conditions and diverse soil types allow us to craft elegant and delicate wines that express the site and season. Our main focus is Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

The uniqueness of the site and sustainable farming methods, together with a dedicated team of 20 permanent workers, allow us to produce wines that express each season as best as possible. Our philosophy is to have a more hands off approach in the cellar and to let the vineyards and the grapes express the vintage.

We also have a farm lower down in the valley called Brocha. It is a warmer site with rocky quartzite soils. The farming philosophy of Brocha is organic, using some biodynamic principles and preparations. The focus is mainly Syrah and a Syrah dominated red blend.

As a family owned operation, everyone involved is passionate about producing exceptional wines that are true to the site. Attention to detail in the vineyard and cellar allows us to craft wines true to place and philosophy.

Iona's Cellar