Entry Process

Congratulations on your invitation

Before you start

If you have entered a DrinkMe powered challenge before:

If you have not entered a DrinkMe powered challenge before:

If you’re not sure (recommended):

For help, watch this video

Stage One

Add the invited wine to your cellar if it does not already appear on the screen.

If you do see the exact same wine on the screen, move to Stage Two.

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Stage Two

Enter the 2024 Global Fine Wine Challenge where you will make payment of $250 AUD and receive shipping labels to send your 6 bottles to the challenge location.

For help, watch this video

For support or guidance on how to edit your existing details, watch this video

If you are managing an exhibitor on their behalf, or have multiple exhibitors, watch this video

Following Entry

You will automatically receive an email with your freight label. This is sent immediately (check Junk Mail if not received)

Check the details on the label, then print and complete any remaining fields, before securely attaching to each box being sent.

Package the correct number of bottles (i.e. 6 per entry) in the labelled box. No refunds can be issued in cases where this number is not sent.

Once you have your carrier details and tracking number, scan the QR code on the shipping form and add these into the webpage that loads.

Request Consideration

Entry is by invitation only, but click the button below to express your interest in joining.