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Stock must be shipped from all participating countries by the deadlines specified on each Countries respective freight labels. Due to the current state of global freight as a result of COVID, these deadlines must be adhered to. We ask for your assistance in ensuring quick turnaround in dispatching your stock.

Cost of accepting your invitation and entering the competition is $250 AUD ( includes taxes ) per entry.

Each entry requires six bottles of wine for competition purposes.

No refunds will be issued for entries where the minimum number of bottles required has not been adhered to.

Ensure you have registered and made payment for your entry via the link below.

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Freight Forms

Download your applicable freight form from the links below.

Print the label, complete in full including PRODUCT CODE number and securely attach to each box being sent.

Ensure you send the correct number of bottles (i.e. 6 bottles per entry)

Australian Freight Form
Canadian Freight Form
New Zealand Freight Form
North American Freight Form
South African Freight Form

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