KWV Classic Collection Cape Tawny NV

Region: Paarl

Country: South Africa

Medal: Gold Medal

"Lively and nutty. The spirit sticks out a little. Lovely length."
Toni Paterson MW | 95 Points

"Evolved tawny hue. Slightly spiriity nose with hints of plum pudding. Baked caramel notes with lovely rancio dried fruit, paneforte notes and a nutty long finish."
Andrea Pritzker MW | 97 Points

"Classic tawny lovely polished leather, shellac, nutty amontillado, fine chalky textures, lovely viscosity and pure spiritous cut."
Andrew Caillard MW | 98 Points

"Fragrant with, dried fruits, toffee and raisons fresh acidity, balanced sweetness and concentrated complex flavours."
Alison Eisermann Ctercteko MW | 95 Points

“The perfect Grand Prix event to celebrate,
promote and endorse the finest wines of the New World.”

Andrew Caillard MW