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Bacco Estate Red Blend 2020

Bacco Estate’s cellars, reminiscent of a Romanesque retreat, echo the bold spirit guiding the winemaking process on this estate. Time at Baccō is a slow rhythm, gently flowing like the seasons. Just as the life cycle of the vine cannot be rushed, creating any rare work of art requires patience.

Delaire Graff Estate The Banghoek 2018

Delaire Graff’s location atop the Helshoogte Pass is not just picturesque; it’s a nod to the ancestral ascent of Simon van der Stel, the first governor of the Cape Colony, who explored these very heights in the late 17th century.

Glenelly Estate Lady May 2018

Lady May’s vines weave through the valley, their elegance mirroring the regal peaks that cradle Glenelly Estate. It’s a vinous ballet performed with grace and finesse.

Simonsig Wines Tiara 2019

Simonsig’s Tiara vines unfurl like a royal tapestry, and the panoramic view from the winery encapsulates the rich history of Stellenbosch, South Africa’s second-oldest European settlement.

Zorgvliet Silver Myn Argentum 2021

Zorgvliet’s cellars are a trove of treasures, where barrels gleam like silver ingots, and the essence of Silver Myn unfolds with each sip – a homage to nature’s wealth.

The High Road Director’s Reserve 2019

The Directors Reserve, akin to directing a symphony, pays homage to the winemaker’s ancestral ascent into the world of wine, echoing the sentiment that crafting this wine is akin to orchestrating a masterpiece.

Vilafonté Series C 2020

Series C’s vines host moonlit concerts, each grape taking a solo, creating a harmonious melody that resonates through the golden hills of Paarl.

Vondeling Philosophie 2017

Vondeling’s cellars are a haven for contemplation, where winemakers engage in late-night debates, and Philosophie is the result of one such vinous musing.

Tokara Director’s Reserve Red 2020

The winery chef once embarked on a culinary adventure, pairing the Directors Reserve with every dish on the menu. Spoiler: It was a symphony of flavors that left everyone in awe.