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Region: Oregon

Country: USA

Participated in: 2017, 2018

When Chris Hermann started 00 Wines of Willamette Valley, Oregon, with his late father Richard Hermann in 2013, he did not foresee the growth and recognition the small family business would soon receive. The passion project began with five barrels of pinot noir – the first batch of an experimental vintage, followed by a widely released vintage in 2015. “Our model borrows from the early European luxury houses run by small families including Krug, Bollinger and the small luxury estates of Burgundy.” 00 Wines also uses the black chardonnay production technique – a method practised over the last 100 years in Burgundy, which intentionally uses oxidation. “Once the Chardonnay grapes are pressed no sulfites are added so the juice in the press pan immediately oxidizes turning a dark brown colour. The turbid juice, rich in suspended solids, goes directly into French oak barrels without any settling or racking,” Chris shares. “The result of black chardonnay making for 00 Wines creates a savoury and complex American-made chardonnay with maximum tannins extracted from the grape skins.”

00 Wines VGW Chardonnay 2015 - Judges Selection

00 Wines VGW Chardonnay 2016 - Judges Selection

Address: 801 N Scott St, Carlton, OR 97111, United States

Phone: +1 503-376-7147

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